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Why Sunshine In Home Care

I was born to be a caregiver because it allows me to share my compassion for others. That compassion goes into a company that focus on treating both my clients and caregivers right. I love making people smile and bringing joy to their hearts. I want the sun to shine even on the cloudiest of days. In 2014 I was caring for a client with dementia. When she would see me she would always say “and there is my sunshine” with the biggest smile on her face. Every night she would not go to sleep until I sang to her “You are my sunshine”. That inspired the perfect name for my company, Sunshine In Home Care. Believe me caregiving is not always an easy job but to see the smiles on their faces, the love in return is worth all the tough moments. My clients are the reason for my sunshine and they keep my love and compassion for what I do alive.

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